Job seeking in Nigeria can be very be distressing , the rate of unemployment and job seeking nowadays in Nigeria has really grown , a lot of job seekers spends time trolling different job websites, looking for employment opportunities and vacancies. Getting a job easily in Nigeria is almost impossible though there are some important things you aren’t doing as a person which I will tell you below.
If you intend to acquire a job that fits your career that will aid your future development , then you
should read these important tips on how to get a job in Nigeria .
How To Get a Job in Nigeria Here are tips you should have seriously worked on before applying for that dream job of yours…
1. What criteria does your job seek?
Do you really know what your job criteria is ? firstly, you have to be able to understand what it is you’re looking or seeking in a particular job .
Your skills and ability should help you discover this easily. Your flexibility and real motivation to task should help solve this problem, be open with your employee on your strengths and desires to work for them .That’s one of the ways of getting a job in Nigeria
2. Prepare a list of jobs that matches your criteria: Without much talk , it is much more better to work in an environment where the passion and drive to work is readily fortified. You have to streamline a list of job that suits your standards
since you ’ve been able to figure out what your strengths and attitude to work are .
Next is to gather a list of jobs that matches your criteria .
3. Job description matches capabilities : Here a lot of Nigerians get it wrong, if you really want to secure
a very good job in Nigeria you must read every bit of information contained in the job description . It’s really hectic reading these description some times but you have to take your time to read this
information so as to know if your skills and attributes truly match what ’s in there.
4. Prepare a top – notch resume and cover letter :In this case, you have to learn how to prepare a catchy resume and cover letter so as to optimize your chances of getting your dream job here in
Nigeria. A well prepared resume will definitely give you an edge over other applicants . You can imagine
a particular job receiving over a 100 of applicants ,Such an employer could simply streamline
applicants via resumes therefore a well written and customized resume and cover letter is advisable to securing a great job in Nigeria . Customized in the
sense of targeting your resumes and cover letter by tailoring it to meet a particular job description and needs.
5. Referral ( Surest way): This is one of the most
easiest way to acquiring a job here in Nigeria, you must be a son of, brother of, friend of son , nephew
and the list goes on and on! This can be very annoying considering the number of years you’ve
spent in the higher institution studying really hard to
understand the rudiments and physics of how a particular thing is being done , after all the pain you
realize your desired job have been given to a novice who knows absolutely nothing about that job . That’s one of the major obstacles we face here in Nigeria ,
“you must know someone who knows someone that knows someone !” I can assure you this , get yourself a sure referral and you’ve just got yourself a dream job.
6. A follow- up letter / E- Mails :Don’t forget to follow-up your application with emails and letters. Remind your employers that your application
needs to be attended to. It simply shows you ’re genuinely interested in working with them and make
this follow- up message short and simple… Don’t make it look like you are going to be doomed if you
aren’t given the job . Be smart with your follow-up emails, follow-up can be sent even after a phone or
physical interview is conducted. Follow these six ( 6 ) Steps if you want to get a job in Nigeria, don’t ignore
any steps if you ever intend to acquired that dream job of yours.. Even though getting a job in Nigeria is really hard and challenging , just embrace this
method and see how much changes they will bring.
Wish you the best of luck searching for your dream job.

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