It’s Not Magic: You Can Change The Color Of Your Shoes With An App

It’s a shame we can’t watch Carrie Bradshaw turn green with envy on “Sex In The City” with an app that could change the color of her coveted shoes – even Sarah Jessica Parker would thrill over this new invention! You don’t have to be a celebrity to have a serious shoe addiction nowadays and with this clever creation, you can buy one pair of shoes with multiple colors and styles. Ishuu, the company behind this creative innovation, is calling it the Volvorii Timeless Smart Shoe and it’s slated to become “The world’s most elegant evolution in fashion tech.” These shoes take wearables to the next level on the runway and in the streets.
download (2)

The base shoe comes in either black or white, and then uses e-ink technology to change the color or pattern customization on the sides and in front. Although the basics are only available in black-and-white, be sure to look for more color and pattern choices in the future. E-ink tech does require occasional charging, but you should only have to power them up about once a month since it’s also very efficient with power usage. The app connects to the shoes via a Bluetooth LE receiver on your smartphone that is hidden in the soles of the shoes.


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