Series Way of Safekeeping Your 2go Account from Being Hacked

You might not believe that is possible to hack 2go account but am telling you right now that is very possible and simple to hack 2go account. There are bad people out their Setting big trap for you on how to hack your 2go account easily.
2go Accounts are been hacked to gain personal Informations, Interest for gocredits etc.

 Here are Some Strategies They Normal Use To Hack 2go Accounts   1. A friend of mine was chatting with one of his friends on 2go, and the guy told him to goto: for him to get unlimited gocredits. (You know we 9ja guys, we like free things)
To cut the story short, his 2go account was hacked.
2. Do not download 2go by a guy Called Olayiwole. He call it 2go v7 with Okay, you don’t believe me, download his 2go by  Click Here and check the file details, use your blueftp to open the file. You’ll see de.class.bak it has been programmed in his 2go but you won’t know.
Note: The above is to show you the little among the strategies which they are use to hacked 2go accounts, there are still lot of strategies which they are using to gain access to your account but you just need to be careful about them.

 Some Tips To Safekeeping Your 2go Account From Being Hacked

1. Use Strong Password: Your names and nicks, parents, siblings or your pet names or even your birthday do not qualify. Use a mix of letters, digits and punctuate [but not blank spaces]. Use both upper and lowercase letters.
The longer your password, the better. The shorter your password, the easier it is to be hacked, especially if it’s a common word or name. A good starting point is six characters though 8, 10 or 12 are even better, also consider using an unusual phrase of words that only you or a few people might know, then substitute some of the letters with digits and punctuate. Humorous combination might make it easier to remember but otherwise write your password down in a safe place.
2. Change Your Password Regulary: I mean monthly or even weekly not yearly. Try and change your password after logging in with your friend’s phone unless you used a 2go that don’t retain login infomation.
3. 2go Can Never Ask You For Your Login Information, So therefore don’t tend to any 2go user that claims to be a 2go staff.
On A similar note, protect the sim that you used to registered for 2go, else someone can succeed in resetting your 2go password with the Sim Card.
4. Don’t Accept Friend Request From Unknown User Without A Profile Picture Or Unknown User With A Nude Pix As A Profile Picture: Boys now open a Female Account While Girls open a Male Account On 2go with aim of fishing the Passwords of their Victims. So I suggest don’t engage in any relationship with a 2go user you have never seen or heard from.
5. Don’t Believe Any Status Update Or Private Message From A 2go User Requesting Your Password For Star Boosting Or For Increase Of gocredits:

Warning to all 2go users: Don’t try to input your 2go details (i.e username and password) on any Site apart from 2go Official Site if you do, your 2go account would be hacked.
You might not be able to Login to your 2go account again. Also, your gocredits would be packed/Wiped away.

Your 2go Account can never be Hacked if you make use of the Tips above!
Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice!

Frequently Ask Questions

Question: My 2go account was hacked and my password was changed. I then lost my number.
How do i get my account back?

Answer: If there is no way of automatically recovering an account, you can always contact the support phone line. usually if you explain the situation, they will recover the account, or at least freeze it so people can not impersonate you.

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