UC Browser is Finally on PC – Download it Here

UC Browser is Finally on PC – Download it Here

UC Browser is Finally on PC – Download it Here

My sincere apology goes to my lovely readers for bringing this information lately, it’s due to one reason and the others. Yeah, UC Browser has finally arrived on the PC, with a version that can be used on any version of Windows, starting with XP and ending with 10 TP. It comes with clean looks and better menu button in the top left corner that allows you to access its main features.

It works pretty much like the Firefox and provides you with one-click access to settings, download manager, additional tools, and cloud synchronization. It has high-speed downloads, with an option to resume when downloads are interrupted, as well as a smart file manager that automatically categorizes downloaded files by type.

If you are using a UC Browser on Android, Symbian or iOS before, you might be happy to learn that cloud synchronization is indeed being offered to seamlessly switch between devices by keeping open tabs and bookmarks.

One of the best things about this UC Browser PC version, the high level of customization offered to users, as you can choose between two different speed dial modes, pick different themes, install new browser add-ons, and switch to a different search engine in the search box next to the address bar.

Simply Download UC Browser PC Version here


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