Can you caption Charly Boy’s new pictures?

 Lagos – Controversial entertainer,  Charles ‘Charly Boy’ Oputa,  has released a new set of pictures on his Facebook page.

The ‘weird one’ has asked fans and ‘haters’ alike to caption the intriguing pictures.

 “I like being me. I’m glad God gave this body a beautiful soul to go with, I know I’m a different breed, probably the only breed God made, so I don’t fuss, because more often than not, things come to me naturally, sometimes it falls on my lap, even though I have had more than my share of self inflicted hardship.

“ However I sometimes don’t struggle with much as long as I follow my instinct. Yes, that talking person inside my head seems to tell me what to do and I try my best not to disobey it. I have lived more than nine lives packed too much into one life, I think I don Try joor! Nonesense! Abegi una help me caption this pictures.” He wrote on the social media page.

Charly Boy  in August attended the annual Stockholm Gay Pride parade on Saturday.

Nigeria has banned same sex marriage and sexual affiliations and the law calls for a 14-year sentence for anyone convicted of homosexuality.


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